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Physical Exams services offered in Asheboro, NC

Physical exams at Triad Internal Medicine can help you return to work, sports, or school without delay. At Triad Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina, Chelsea Poe, FNP, Kirstie Ferrell, FNP, and Keung Lee, MD, PhD, MHA offers timely physical exams. Lab work and X-rays are available on-site, giving you a comfortable experience and results quickly. Call the office or schedule your physical exam online today. 

Physical Exams Q&A

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are checkups that evaluate your overall health. There are several types of physical exams to meet specific goals. However, in general, physical exams detect health issues early and provide resolution of medical problems so you can keep up your active life. 

What types of physical exams are available?

Triad Internal Medicine offers several types of physical exams, including: 

Wellness exams

Wellness exams include disease screenings, testing, and a general physical exam. The goal is to diagnose the earliest signs of disease and identify controllable factors that may put you at risk for conditions like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. You learn how to prevent disease and maximize wellness. 

Wellness exams also include vaccinations, and if you need chronic disease management, you can also discuss lifestyle changes, disease monitoring, and medication.

Sports physicals 

Sports physicals review a specific set of requirements to make sure you’re physically fit to play a sport. 

Sports physicals are usually less extensive than wellness exams, and they generally focus on strength, flexibility, balance, and other factors that contribute to your sports performance.

School physicals

Many public and private educational institutions require school physicals before you start school. 

School physicals are less extensive than wellness exams. This type of physical focuses on making sure you’re healthy and ensuring that you have any required vaccinations.   

Department of Transportation (DOT) exams

DOT exams verify that you’re in adequate health to safely drive a commercial vehicle. This type of exam covers a specific checklist from the DOT — hearing, eyesight, breathing, reflexes, and many other factors that come into play while driving. 

Triad Internal Medicine also offers other physical exams based on your needs, for example, return-to-work exams following an illness or surgery. 

How often should I schedule physical exams?

Triad Internal Medicine recommends yearly wellness exams for all patients. School and sports physicals are usually once a year.

Commercial vehicle drivers must pass a DOT exam every 24 months, however, the time may be shorter if you have a chronic condition that warrants close monitoring. 

Physical exams focus primarily on wellness, so they’re just one facet of your primary care. If you have a chronic disease or experience acute illness, you can count on additional visits. 

Triad Internal Medicine is always happy to arrange timely physical exams. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.